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Invasion of the Court of Hearts Invasion of the Court of Hearts

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The choir pack you have is vivid. What are you using for that?
The strings sound a little off, and the break leading into the rock section is a little too long.

As a whole I like the idea you have. The mixing seems a little underworked or dry, but there is a charm to this piece.

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SourJovis responds:

The choirs are Soundiron Olympus Micro Choir. It sounds okay, though unfortunately it doesn't have legato. I had to use a pitch bend that went up from at the end of the starting note, then use a different sample of the note that it was moving towards to, and start with a pitchbend down, going up. That way both the starting notes and the notes it was moving towards to sounded right and not have that weird "chipmunk effect" you usually get by using a pitchbend. I had to use a crosfade inbetween the two notes that was exactly in sync. Took forever to make it sound remotely presentable. I use Zampled Euphonic Strings for the string sounds. I actually like that sample pack better than the choir pack. Though I must admit the results here are a little disappointing. Maybe I wasn't using them correctly. I'll have to take a look at that.

I've changed the breaking leading into the rock section since your review. It's still as long, but I've added a reverse guitar power chord. I think that makes it more interesting, so it doesn't seem as long.

The mix could've been better. I was only told 4 days before the deadline I was allowed to enter the NGADM, and that's when I started working on this. I was on holliday at the time, so I was woring on my laptop in the nights and mornings, so I didn't have much time. Besides the project was so heavy for my computer it couldn't play it back properly. It kept hampering, so I couldn't mix it very well. When a bunch of plugins crashed, I had to close the program and restart it again. But there were so many samples it wouldn't open the final file anymore. It took 45 minutes to an hour to load, and every time I tried to render it, some instruments crashed and were missing from the render. In the end I had to use an earlier project file that didn't have all of those orchestral instruments you hear at the beginning, and work with that. The sad piano part was supposed to be played by orchestral instruments, and after that there was supposed to be another rock section with orchestral instruments played over it. Together they played a more epic version of the sad part. All in all the song was a little over 7 minutes long. I hope to be able to render the full version sometime in the near future. So far I haven't been able to open the most recent file, and I have other priorities/deadlines to make.

Deadshot Desperado Deadshot Desperado

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love your work. It sounds animated but vivid. And really clean mix too.

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ConnorGrail responds:

Many thanks to you, Mr. Spade. Glad you could join me on today's wild west journey

Xtrullor & HeliXiX - Catharsis Xtrullor & HeliXiX - Catharsis

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Epic indeed. I'll always enjoy some good orchestral rock

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Star carrier Star carrier

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have to say, I would feel bad if I didn't come back here and thanking you for the artwork used in AIM. It's a very unique style, but nonetheless inspirational.