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Do you like dubs? Do you like Wubs? I've got them in SPADES! Sprinkled in is some actual melodic content so you don't think I'm a hype junkie

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Hi Newgrounds

First of all big thanks to all of the judges in NGUAC. This includes @TaintedLogic @Bosa @Cheshyre @EndK @Everratic @Jacob @Samulis @SplatterDash I highly appreciate their work in any and all contests they judge. Also props particularly to @VociferousMusic @WolfgangMiakoda @dude2312 and @MrKoolTrix . Everyone in this round of the contest deserves a sub even if I didn't mention them specifically, but I know you guys put specifically good effort into this round. I'll be making sure that you all have a sub from me after this post. I wish I could have had a little more time available outside of the NGADM to work on my final round, but I'm really surprised how well my song was received by everyone here.

As for some self promotion, I'm excited for what I've got planned coming down the pipe. The NGADM is well under way at this point and I'm excited to see what all people will do for this round. We're definitely going to see some good battles here. As for myself I'm going to be starting with some work that's a little outside of Newgrounds. I've got some ideas for trying out covers and I think they'll be a lot of fun to try. I'm also looking for opportunities to collab so if I see them I'll make sure to PM people as I go.

This is also going to be a large effort to make some income off of my music hobby. As I'm typing this I have one song on the CDbaby online store. That website is going to be my main hub for digital distribution which is putting me on just about anything you can stream or download music from. Kind of a cool gig. They also will be handling royaltees involved with those that I will be doing covers of so that will get rid of a big headache for me and put me in a new freedom I haven't exploited yet. Just about all of the music I've made this year up to this point will be organized into a collection that I'll release as a Spadezer Album. I'm really happy with the quality I'm making now and I'm hoping others will be helping to showcase me and bring in some more people to grow my fanbase. Those of you already here, I thank you and highly appreciate you, and I hope you encourage others to do the same.

Expect there to be more music coming from me this next season. I'll be showcasing them here and on my Youtube channel. I'll be looking to get more involved in spotify and maybe even on a label or two. We'll see.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you did, tell me your favorite ice cream flavor :) I like cookies and cream the most!

Peace be with you!


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