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Do you like dubs? Do you like Wubs? I've got them in SPADES! Sprinkled in is some actual melodic content so you don't think I'm a hype junkie

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Death by Chocolate for me, all the way. Though I also like to mix things up with various flavors that incorporate mint or peanut butter, preferably with chocolate. There are folks who don't like peanut butter, or mint, or even chocolate...but ice cream? Ice cream has a universal appeal.

Man, if you've never done any covers, you sir are overdue. I think you're gonna love it! Looking forward to our podcast collaboration in the not-so-distant future. Admittedly, making good money with music is something of a Sysuphean struggle, but hey—anything can be accomplished with enough tenacity. Cheers!

yeah! oh shoot I forgot to mention the podcast in the post lol.

I'm just gonna say it, cookies and cream is amazing.
But honestly, the music I heard throughout NGUAC was really good, and I think I have a few people I want to follow from this competition as well. That's the best thing about these competitions: you find people who you never knew before but make amazing things. While some people may not have moved on, many had pieces that I liked and sometimes continue to stop upon.

also yeah I should follow Dudge

Yes you should!

Thanks for the shout-out! I like mint chocolate chip. ^_^

Mmmm, solid flavor. It's a little hard for some to get the mint wrong, but I have a hard time resisting mint and chocolate

Good luck with making money from your music!

My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. It seems boring, but my reasoning is that if I'm going to eat ice cream instead of another dessert, I want to actually taste the cream. I find that whenever I'm craving other flavors, there are other desserts in which such flavors are the star rather than an add-on.

A man of simple tastes! I can totally understand.

Woops, misspelled @WolfgangMiakoda the first time

as well as @dude2312. Not sure how I botched that mention

I wish you great luck in your future endeavours, Spadezer. I am down for making collabs if you're down!

As a side note, I have heard that CD Baby is not so great but I have never tried it. I use Distrokid and has worked pretty well for me.

Anyways, best of luck to you!

It would be a lot of fun to work in some more rock style. Again I loved your final song

God damn, you didn't make getting top three easy, did you? Honestly, I think out of everyone on this platform, I'm the one who's most surprised about me getting as far as I did; I'm a newbie to NG, an unfamiliar face. Even so, thanks for the kind words, and thank you for contributing to this excellent competition! If you ever want to work together, do hit me up; I'm always looking to try out new avenues of music, so I'd appreciate it even.

Also, stracciatella is my favorite Ice Cream flavour. Not sure if they have that in many places in the world? It's a light ice cream with chocolate shavings throughout. That said, if someone offered me a scoop of lemon or caramel, I don't think I'd be able to refuse.

Lol, nope. I made sure to give it my best. I kinda had to do this as a prove to myself type of thing as well.

I will certainly make sure to hit you up. I may do one or two covers first, but I'll make sure to hit people up with collabs in what year is still left.

You know, I don't think I've heard of stracciatella, and it sounds amazing. Sadly I don't feel the same about lemon though lol

you are cool, that's all i know. you are like the nice version ot midimachine or the non-cynical sequenced

Lol, I'm not used to hearing about me compared to MidiMachine, but I will most definitely take that as a compliment! Thanks