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Generic Update

Posted by Spadezer - August 5th, 2019

Hey guys! Figured I'd update my wall so it's not over a year old.

Instead of being a judge for both NGUAC and NGADM this year, I'm only judging the NGADM. I was inspired last year to make competitive music instead of just observing it. I think this year is my strongest writing to date so I'm aiming to be a force to be reckoned with in the contest. Look out fellow underdogs =)

After the contest I do have some plans I want to set in motion. I'm looking to create more of a presence online. Not simply Youtube which will by my personal sharing platform of choice, but I'm looking to expand to other digital media. I've been exposed to using CDbaby as a digitial distribution platform and I've already tested it out to see where it goes. You can find one of my songs currently on your music platform of choice like spotify, amazon music, Itunes, you name it (but couldn't figure out how to get it to work on Pandora though... so maybe not streaming platforms yet??) Either way, I expect to get involved with this community more to help support effort so you'll be seeing me around here more often too.

And one of the ways I'm thinking about, is by possibly starting a monthly Newgrounds Audio podcast. I can see it being kinda fun, and a good place for Newgrounders to share their background, their ambitions, there music, or the like. Might play around with other fun activities with that if there's some support with that.

So, hopefully I won't be disappearing after NGADM, and my plan is to get some other people to stick around too and keep active with chatting with each other. Cya round peeps


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Dayum you made better shit than me but you have less than half my fans... also u won loads of contest... how dafuq?

Thanks for the compliments. I haven't been as active in this community as I could have. I've only really won one contest and placed third in another (we'll see how I do this NGUAC)