I'm making music again!

2016-08-07 21:11:29 by Spadezer

Super excited!    8D

I've been really busy at work this past July which kinda sucked, but it meant that I got some good overtime. With that I've bought myself a copy of FL Studio and a couple of other things. I now can make the EDM and orchestral music I've been wanting to do. Yay! 

A little dissapointed that there wasn't a NGADM competition to compete in this year, but I may have missed the deadline anyway with how busy I was. I'll be looking forward to the next batch of competitions that happen next year though.

Also, if you are looking for someone to make video game / video music, I have no problem helping out. :)

Look out Newgrounds. I'm ready now.



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2016-08-07 21:27:32

EDM and orchestral? You should try mixing the two on at least one song. Kinda like Taylor Davis or Lindsey Stirling do, but with more orchestra instruments.
And I was also disappointed that there was no NGADM. There will be one next year, as far as I know.

Spadezer responds:

I will eventually dabble with combining the two. Right now I'm just excited that I can do them to the level of quality that I enjoy. And so I don't have friends constantly telling me that my music came straight out of a video game. Not a bad problem to have, but I want to try to break from it a little bit.

Also, yay for Lindsey Stirling!


2016-08-07 21:54:06

You might notice that my music is intended to sound like it came straight out of a video game. Mostly SEGA Genesis stuff. lol
And you, too, like Lindsey Stirling? YESH! YESH!

Spadezer responds:

All good things. Interesting stuff btw. I like your Adele song.


2016-08-07 23:14:17

Thanks. I dunno why people like that one. I thought I fucked up, it's just not what I intended it to be.