Entry #11

Out but not gone

2017-09-10 14:12:14 by Spadezer

Hello Newgrounders. I see that you're one of the lucky few to come across my page. Congrats and welcom

I'll start off by saying I was happy to take part in this year's NGADM contest hosted by the humble @ChronoNomad and @TaintedLogic. I'm happy to say that out of the 200+ auditioners that I can be called one of the top 16 in the contest. On that note, I suggest taking a visit over to RetromanOMG's page. He does a pretty good job.


I will say though, it's been nice to get back to life outside of music. Trying to do work and the contest at the same time made it really easy to ignore stuff like what state my house was in. I needed to take a break from all of that. That doesn't mean I'm done with music though. I'll be looking to really improve my sound design and make my music overall better somehow. Not sure how I'm going to do that but I'll always enjoy making music and that's what I'll do.

In the mean time - I'll be looking to getting a better channel booted up on Youtube and on bandcamp. I've got someone helping me out with some cover art that I'm excited to see. We've both been busy so it's been a slowly progressing milestone. He's also from Florida so I know the hurricanes aren't helping out much there right now. Thoughts and prayers for him.

I'll be around. Feel free to send a PM or whatever. Peace out and good luck to those still in the NGADM.,


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2017-09-10 15:24:11

Happy to have you, man! Good luck with the home repairs, and hope to see you next year. ^^

Spadezer responds:

Yeah my home doesn't need repairs thankfully, but I appreciate the good wishes


2017-09-11 14:06:38

Oh, sorry. Badly misread that. XD